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H.O.P.E. welcomes Monty (aka Old Man) from Pasco County Animal services. He will be a forever foster in his foster home as he is a 10+ yr. old male mini poodle mix with health issues. He as arthritis in his rear right leg that at times he lifts up, severe dental disease and infected teeth, a hematoma in his right ear that requires surgery and both ears badly infected. A tumor on his front right leg also requiring surgery. Skin issues from being flea infested which requires a medicated shampoo.  A lower eyelid that rolls inwards causing the eyelashes to irritate the eye constantly which also requires surgery. His blood works looks great and is heart worm negative. He has a dental scheduled on October 24. Other surgeries will commence at alternate times once Month's mouth has healed
If you have it in your heart, please donate to hopehelpsall so we can help get this angel back to health. Thank you


Rita is a senior female Yorkipoo. She was found as a stray in horrible condition. The shelter had to shave her down as she was severely matted. The shelter put her up for a rescue only due to her health issues. HOPE HELPS ALL stepped up to pull this little angel from the shelter and now is in a loving foster home with other small rescue dogs. Rita is all skin and bones from starvation. Her foster mom has her on chicken and brown rice as Rita will not eat dog food. Rita suffers from bad dental disease, infection in both eyes, scaly skin issues, a baseball size tumor on her left front leg, various size mammary tumors and she is not spayed. Rita will have h a few surgeries to get her back to health, but right now she is not a candidate for all the surgeries as her blood work shows a high degree of infections. She is on 2 antibiotics and eye drops. Once she puts on some weight and the infections are under control, then surgery on her issues will be addressed

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